django-helpdesk is an open-source project and as such contributions from the community are welcomed and encouraged.


All contributions to django-helpdesk must be under the BSD license documented in our License page. All code submitted (in any way: via e-mail, via GitHub forks, attachments, etc) are assumed to be open-source and licensed under the BSD license.

If you or your organisation does not accept these license terms then we cannot accept your contribution. Please reconsider!


Although django-helpdesk has originally been written for the English language, there are already multiple translations to Spanish, Polish, and German and more translations are welcomed.

Translations are handled using the excellent Transifex service which is much easier for most users than manually editing .po files. It also allows collaborative translation. If you want to help translate django-helpdesk into languages other than English, we encourage you to make use of our Transifex project:

Once you have translated content via Transifex, please raise an issue on the project Github page to let us know it’s ready to import.

Code changes

Please fork the project on GitHub, make your changes, and log a pull request to get the changes pulled back into my repository.

Wherever possible please break git commits up into small chunks that are specific to a single bit of functionality. For example, a commit should not contain both new functionality and a bugfix; the new function and the bugfix should be separate commits wherever possible.

Commit messages should also explain what, precisely, has been changed.

If you have any questions, please start a discussion on the GitHub issue tracker at


Currently, test coverage is very low. We’re working on increasing this, and to make life easier we are using Travis CI for continuous integration. This means that the test suite is run every time a code change is made, so we can try and make sure we avoid basic bugs and other regressions.

Please include tests in the tests/ folder when committing code changes.

Database schema changes

As well as making your normal code changes to, please generate a Django migration file and commit it with your code. You will want to use a command similar to the following:

./ migrate helpdesk --auto [migration_name]

Make sure that migration_name is a sensible single-string explanation of what this migration does, such as add_priority_options or add_basket_table

This will add a file to the migrations/ folder, which must be committed to git with your other code changes.