Integrating django-helpdesk into your applicationΒΆ

Django-helpdesk associates an email address with each submitted ticket. If you integrate django-helpdesk directly into your django application, logged in users will automatically have their email address set when they visit the /tickets/submit/ form. If you wish to pre-fill fields in this form, you can do so simply by setting the following query parameters:

  • queue
  • title
  • body
  • submitter_email
  • custom_<custom-field-slug>

There is also a page under the url /tickets/submit_iframe/ with the same behavior.

Fields may be hidden by adding them to a comma separated _hide_fieds_ query parameter.

Here is an example url to get you started: http://localhost:8000/desk/tickets/submit_iframe/?queue=1&custom_dpnk-user=;,queue,submitter_email. This url sets the queue to 1, sets the custom field dpnk-url to and submitter_email to and hides the title, queue, and submitter_email fields. Note that hidden fields should be set to a default.

Note that these fields will continue to be user-editable despite being pre-filled.